About The Band

Early beginnings Manhattan 1981. You had disco, death metal and dying punk. You had Danceteria, Peppermint Lounge, The Ritz and CBGB. You had a city that was bankrupt. And on the Boulevard of Dreams? The two words: Motely Crüe were barely being uttered. Everyday, the members of Smashed Gladys, guitars in hand walked the two and a half miles each way through a Martin Scorsese "Taxi Driver" era New York City to rehearsal. They used one of the two best rehearsal studios in New York City. They hadn't eaten, and they might not that day. It works a little different here in Gotham. You don't have the luxury of a garage or a basement, no, you rent by the hour. It just so happened that the Gladys had been invited to use this particular space. Another thing that happens in New York City- you work hard, you get noticed, you get invited into an invisible realm. To give you an idea of this rehearsal studio, everyone from Lena Horn to Aerosmith rehearsed there. At the time, the neighborhood was so dangerous that Steven Tyler was stabbed outside.
But the price they paid to rehearse using the best facilities, and live in the most culturally accessible city in the world they paid by just living there. The streets where some of the band members lived were run by hookers and Columbian Drug Dealers. Smashed Gladys, worked and wrote and formed. There was no "scene" in the City where they could perform live. The genre of Rock they played didn't exist yet. So, they played everywhere else they could. They recorded with Anton Fig as producer. They recorded under the direction of Tommy Boyce. They also met, recorded with and were managed by one of rocks most legendary musicians; a relationship that is, to this very day, still shrouded in mystery.